whaKapapa - The KDE Genealogy Research Manager

User Interface

Welcome to whaKapapa, a project to develop an advanced Geanealogy Research Manager for the KDE environment. The project is currently in the design stage, follow the links on the right for the current progress.

Why? Because I need it! The only advanced genealogy programs are available for Windows, and I use Linux. There are genealogy programs available on Linux (Gramps being a good example), but while these meet the need of most users, they don't provide the advanced research management tools I require.

Why name it whaKapapa? In the best KDE tradition, I wanted a relevent name with K in it, but all the good English names (such as Kith, Kin, Kindred, Konnections) were already taken. Instead I turned to the Maori language of my homeland New Zealand where the word for genealogy is whakapapa. It will do for a working title for now, but it is a bit long. Maybe I'll go for waKa (canoe in Maori) instead? Or maybe Kete (basket) or Kuia (Grandmother)? Maybe I should stop wondering about names and get on with it :-)